CAB works with Green Teams in Brookline High School and each of Brooklines eight elementary schools. The Green Teams program helps bring together representatives in each school to:

  • lower their school's carbon footprint
  • integrate an energy conservation program into the curriculum
  • encourage students and parents to cut carbon at home
  • carry out special events

Brookline’s Elementary School Green Teams create opportunities for students, parents, teachers and administrators to reduce the impact that school-based activities impose on the environment. Each school-based Green Team:  

  • Promotes environmental stewardship and education through hands-on events and activities within our school community
  • Serves as a resource to the Brookline School System in their efforts to develop a K-8 environmental curriculum
  • Monitors and reports on carbon-reduction-related actions that contribute to Brookline’s Town-wide carbon reduction goals
  • Shares ideas, resources and information with a Green Team Coordinating Committee

If you'd like to participate or find out more, contact the CAB's Schools Committee by emailing Christi Electris:

Some examples of activities organized by the Green Teams:

During April 2010, Brookline Public Schools Food Services introduced "Meatless Mondays" and All Natural Local Hamburgers. In December 2010, Pierce School sponsored a Catalogue Cancellation Project. 

Green Team Representatives at Brookline's elementary schools and relevant environmental groups are listed below - please contact us if you'd like to start a Green Team at your school, or want us to know about something you're working on.

Driscoll KEEP Club
Lawrence Kathleen Scanlon
Pierce Christi Electris