CAB works with Green Teams in Brookline High School and each of Brooklines eight elementary schools. The Green Teams program helps bring together representatives in each school to lower their school's carbon footprint, integrate an energy conservation program into the curriculum, encourage students and parents to cut carbon at home, and carry out special events. 

Brookline’s Elementary School Green Teams create opportunities for students, parents, teachers and administrators to reduce the impact that school-based activities impose on the environment. Each school-based Green Team:  

  • Promotes environmental stewardship and education through hands-on events and activities within our school community. This includes supporting efforts such as:
    • School Gardens at each K-8 school
    • Composting at schools and zero-waste events 
    • Walk/Bike to School days and the Safe Routes to School program
  • Supports the development of a K-8 environmental and outdoor education curriculum for the Brookline School System
  • Monitors and reports on carbon-reduction-related actions that contribute to Brookline’s Town-wide carbon reduction goals
  • Shares ideas, resources and information with Green Teams across town.

If you'd like to participate or find out more, contact the CAB's Schools Committee by emailing Christi Electris: or Rebeca Salguera resapa.

Green Team Representatives at Brookline's elementary schools and relevant environmental groups are listed below - please contact us if you'd like to start a Green Team at your school, or want us to know about something you're working on.


Mary Minott

BHS Environmental Action Club

Baker Tom Kilday Amy Lewin  Mariya Gazumyan, Gareth Lawson and Amy Lewin 
Coolidge Corner School (formerly Devotion) Maya Norton Joanne Pascar, Nicole Chasse, Emily Manning-Mingle, Maya Norton  Erin Meyer


Victor Kusmin  Len Wholey and Joshua Blouwolff
Heath Bob Miller and   
 Bob Miller 

Kathleen ScanlonNicola ThompsonSusan Helms Daley

    Nicola Thompson and Marcia Ramos-Sosa
Lincoln Sandra Wesemann and Sara Scott
Sandra Wesemann and Sara Scott

Wendy Friedman and William Reyelt

Pierce Christi Electris and Rebeca Salguero Garden team  Rebeca Salguero Palacios, Ilan Wapinski, and Lauren OckeneRebeca Salguero Palacios, Ilan Wapinski, and Lauren Ockene 
Runkle Lonna Steinberg and Stephanie Bruce Benjamin Kelley Katja Vinha, Dory Charles  and Jules Milner-Brage 



Some examples of activities organized by the Green Teams:

During April 2010, Brookline Public Schools Food Services introduced "Meatless Mondays" and All Natural Local Hamburgers. In December 2010, Pierce School sponsored a Catalogue Cancellation Project.