There are many things you can do to reduce carbon dioxide when you travel.

Replace Car Use with walking, biking or public transportation when you can. You can credit 1 pound of CO2 reduction per 1 mile of walking or biking.  There are zero carbon emissions, it's good for your health, it saves money, and it may get you there faster than a car in rush hour traffic. See the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition for more tips.

Bike Sharing.  Brookline is part of the Hubway bike program.  Check it out.   It also has a new group "Biking Brookline" - you can contact them via email:

Electric Vehicles.  MassEnergy has a program called “Drive Green” that will provide a discount for purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle, including Nissan LEAF, Ford Fusion Energi, Ford C-Max Energi and Checy Volt. The program runs through February 28, 2017.  Visit for details.

Driving Smarter.  When you need to drive, these steps can help save CO2:

  • Drive more slowly.
  • Combine car trips for shopping and errands.
  • Carpool whenever possible.
  • Turn off your car's engine if idling for more than 10 seconds.  Did you know it's the law in Massachusetts to turn off your engine if you idle for 5 minutes or longer (with some exceptions for "necessary" idling)?
  • Rid your car of unnecessary pounds you are carrying.
  • Have your car serviced regularly.
  • Inflate your tires to the pressure that is printed on them.
  • If you are in the market to buy a new car, consider a hybrid.

Car SharingZipcar, Enterprise Car Share and others offer ways to have a car only when you need it.

Flying.   If you need to fly, consider purchasing carbon offsets for the miles you will travel.